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Our services

1. Shuttle service

The 50 Miles is conveniently located. The nearest bus stop named „Dr.-Schüßler-Straße/Klinikum“, is a two minute walk away, from where the bus takes 15 minutes to the harbor (Bus stop: Staustraße A).

A shuttle service from the pier to the facility is also provided for the seafarers to take advantage of the offer. Our employees will pick up the seamen directly from the ship’s pier after making an appointment by phone.

2. the possibility to relax outside the workplace ship

At 50 Miles, seafarers have various opportunities to organize their stay and take advantage of offers. Full-time and voluntary employees of the Humanist Association are available to the seafarers as contact persons with different competences during the entire period of stay.

The facility has a comfortable recreation room with various leisure activities. In addition to a large flat screen TV with popular streaming services, a table soccer machine is offered free of charge. Books and magazines in various languages can be borrowed from a bookcase. There is also a large collection of board games (chess, etc.). There is a free offer of hot and cold drinks.

In the whole premises the W-LAN network is available to all visitors free of charge. In addition, we are happy to provide terminal equipment (PC, tablets) just as free of charge to allow seafarers to communicate with family and friends via Skype, Zoom, etc.

In addition to the large recreation room, there is a kitchen equipped with everything necessary to cook communally or individually. In addition, the spacious room offers space for groups who want to meet there separately and hold conversations.

More important than the immediate proximity to the harbor and the ship docks is the supply situation in the nearest vicinity of the facility.

Here are located, among others:

  • a family doctor’s center
  • a pharmacy
  • several supermarkets
  • a packing station
  • various restaurants/pizzerias
  • one cash dispenser

3. Practical support in the procurement of goods and services for daily needs

Seafarers can obtain goods from the surrounding supermarkets, sometimes until 10 p.m. on weekdays. If desired, trips to shopping centers, hardware stores, etc. can also be organized. SIM cards valid in Germany are of particular importance to the seafarers during their stay. Here we help with the procurement and the corresponding administration.

Pastoral and social counseling

An important element in the care of seafarers is pastoral and social work. Seafarers come from a wide variety of countries of origin and in some cases have not been back home or with their families for a very long period of time. The Corona pandemic has further exacerbated social isolation.

Against this background, we offer the seafarers, in addition to leisure activities to distract them, the opportunity to have a personal conversation about themselves, their condition and their situation with our employees in our counseling and conversation room. The feeling of being understood and listened to is often a great help. 50 Miles is staffed by chaplains trained and certified by the Humanist Association, who have many years of experience in this area. A certified psychologist and a certified social pedagogue are available for any additional needs.

4. Medical preventive care

Our analysis of the needs of seafarers calling at the port of Oldenburg has shown that the crews often have a deficit in the area of necessary preventive medical examinations due to the lack of time. We cooperate with various local medical specialists to make it possible to arrange appointments during layover times on weekends or in the evening hours. Our shuttle service saves time on the way to the doctors, so that an appointment can be made even during a short shore leave.

5. Religious care

As already mentioned, the seafarers come from many different countries and ethnic groups. Although the Humanist worldview does not claim any religious references, it is characterized by respect and recognition of diverse cultures and religions.

The 50 Miles of the Humanist Association understands itself in the spirit of seafaring as a cosmopolitan, culturally diverse and discrimination-free space. Therefore, we offer our visitors the opportunity to pray, meditate or otherwise contemplate in our Room of Silence in an individual way. In addition, we offer the mediation of religious care by representatives of the respective religious communities (if they are represented in Oldenburg) upon request.